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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  December 20, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the "journal" here on dw. acknowledgment, no apology -- france's president says french colonial rule in algeria was brutal. >> the united nations warns that the fighting in syria is becoming a sectarian war as yet more islamist fighters arrived from abroad. >> it is 200 years since the grimm brothers' first published stories that continue to bring trembling and joy into children's lives -- the grimm brothers first published stories that continue to bring trembling
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and joy into children's lives. the french president is in algeria to commemorate that country's 50th anniversary of independence from france following a bloody war that cost 1.5 million algerians and tens of thousands of french their lives. >> hollande praised algeria's steps toward democracy as paris looks to deepen economic ties with the oil-rich former french colony in north africa. >> enthusiastic crowds greeted the french president as he walked the streets of the capital algiers. despite his security, many onlookers even got a chance to shake hollande's hand, seemed unconcerned by the bitter history between algeria and france. hollande won repeated applause for his speech to the algerian parliament. he did not apologize for france's actions, but he did acknowledge the brutal nature of
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colonial rule. >> for over 133 years, algeria was subjected to a profoundly unjust and global system -- brutal system. this system has a name. it is colonialism, and i recognize the suffering that it inflicted on the algerian people. >> hollande and the algerian president have signed a declaration of friendship and cooperation. it lays the groundwork for closer economic cooperation. investment from france is welcome in algeria. french carmaker renault's as it is drawing up plans to build a new plant in the country -- french car maker reynaud says -- french car maker renault says it is drawing up plans to build a new plant in the country. >> israel's plans to build new homes for jewish settlers in occupied territories have been
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condemned by the international community. the ute's foreign policy chief strongly opposed what she called the unprecedented expansion of settlements. >> these latest plans were also condemned by members of the security council, with the exception of the united states. israel has made several announcements accelerating its settlement program following the united nations upgrading of palestinian status. a new rights report on serious as the fighting is increasingly putting sunni rebels against the tribe of president assad and his christian allies. >> the report also underscored the threat the growing number of foreign fighters pose in escalating violence. memo more weapons to fight assad's forces. opposition fighters building bombs in a small town. the insurgents now control large parts of this and other provinces in the north of the country. and they are gaining in strength according to the latest
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update from the united nations. the authors are part of a commission investigating the human rights situation in syria. they say the country is splitting along sectarian lines. >> the update describes the increasingly sectarian nature of the conflict, something that we have indicated in previous reports, but now it is much more clear with government forces and supporting militia attacking suny civilians and reports of armed groups attacking pro-the minority communities including christians, armenians, orthodox, and jews. >> the report says increasing numbers of sumy's -- sunnis are from abroad and fighting the opposition. eddie's is increasing numbers
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are not concerned with human rights. it also is concerned with increasing weapons flowing into the country. >> adjusting the conflict, vladimir putin said any solution must ensure president assad's forces and his opponents do not simply swap roles and fight on forever. he called instead for a negotiating transition. and the comments came as putin held his traditional end of your q&a session with more than 1000 journalists. it was a wide-ranging and long discussion that touched on subjects including kremlin's domestic and foreign policy. >> the russian president appeared to have a slight limp, but he was as combative as ever. journalist asked him about relations with the assad regime in syria. >> we are not concerned with assad's fate. we are very aware what is going on there. his family has been in power for 40 years.
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sharp change is needed, but we do not want the opposition to take power and start a battle with members of the old regime. it just goes on forever. them putin also address u.s. criticism of moscow's security and human rights policies in response to news that a court had reduced the jail sentence of one of putin poses strongest critics. the president said that the case was not politically motivated, and he dismissed recent protests about his presidency. >> we do not need this anarchy. during the 1990's, this kind of anarchy give market economics and democracy a bad name in russia. people are still afraid of that today. >> the marathon press conference lasted four hours, but president putin had little to offer that was really new. >> it was a fighting performance by vladimir putin who likes to
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present himself as a faithful servant of the russian people, but there was a lack of fresh ideas and concrete answers. his words sounded a lot more like holding onto power than a new beginning for the good of russia. >> efforts to bail out ciphers are running into fresh obstacles. a german newspaper is reporting that the international monetary fund is not prepared to contribute to the bailout fund unless creditors wave part of the country's debt in what is known as a hair cut. >> the imf is concern that cypress will not be able to keep up with interest payments. it has been widely reported that nation is seeking 17 billion euros and could default if it does not receive help in the coming days. >> in germany, a surprise announcement at deutsche telekom as the chief executive says he will step down at the end of next year. >> he has struggled with structural problems at telecom since taking over in 2006. the firm has faced challenges to its foreign business entities as
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well. the shrinking demand in germany for its land line services. the chief financial officer will take over at the beginning of 2014. well, european markets closed little changed on thursday, but slightly to the upside at new 19-month highs. our correspondent said as the summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the end of the era was a surprise to traders in frankfurt but did not worry them because his successors were known at the financial markets. it looks like a well-organized change. shares were up, but for dutch bank, the problems are getting worse. the towers have been searched again, and yesterday, the bank was convicted in milan. the shares have been lower. the german dax took a little
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break from its christmas -- christmas rally and closed barely unchanged. families say in frankfurt for a closer look at thursday's numbers. the dax had finished slightly higher. euro stoxx 50 up just a tad as well. on wall street this hour, the dow trading up by about 0.25%, and the euro trading at a value of $1.3242. >> to the u.s. now where new date has revealed stronger than expected growth in the third quarter. the economy rose by 3.1%. housing sales were stronger than predicted. >> analysts say increase consumer spending is behind the figures, but they warn that the cost of hurricane sandy will likely slow down growth in the fourth quarter. meanwhile, investors are keeping an eye on washington as the deadline to avert the so-called fiscal cliff comes ever closer. >> a different kind of click now
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-- thousands of mystics, new-age and deals and fans of pre- hispanic culture made their way to mexico in hopes of witnessing great things in less than 24 hours now. that is when the old mayan calendar predicts the end of the current world and the dawn of a new one. >> many of today's ethnic maya do not understand what all the fuss is about. mostly christian, they have looked on in wonder at the influx of foreign tourists to ancient cities in southern mexico and central america was a past hundreds of years ago. -- whose heyday past hundreds of years ago. >> they are dancing according to an ancient mayan ritual in preparation for the end of the world. these days, the famous complex in guatemala is full of visitors. many tourists have come to experience the big day. >> there are mixed feelings. some believe the world is going to end. others believe it is the end of one era and the beginning of another. democrats are also gathering at
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mayan sites in mexico. tour groups from around the world have come with widely varying expectations, but not everyone thinks the world will come to an end on december 21. >> meet some beings of other species, and we are basically hoping to just ask them for help. >> that day has become too commercialized as the end of the world. it is simply the mayan calendar. as time goes on, we will realize there is a continuity. >> this year loan, mexico is expecting a total of 52 million tourists come 12 million more than last year. the mexican government has worked hard to attract extra visitors. >> on the side of the atlantic, europeans are remaining cool, calm, and collected but the prophecies contained in the mayan codex, but there is
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speculation as to weather the expected changes will be physical, spiritual, or both. >> for the most part, people are going about their daily lives, doing their christmas shopping, and wondering if they will get the present they asked for. our reporter took a look around berlin to see if anyone here is preparing for the end of the world as we know it. >> if it is true, it will be the story of the year -- the mayan calendar is about to run out, and with it, the world as we know it. but berliner's do not seem to be taking it seriously. at my grocer's, the shelves are full. i ask if there has been a run on supplies. >> i wish, but i do not think the blood taking it very seriously. >> you cannot be too careful. experts say survivors should have one or two weeks of food stock, and i am not alone. there is another smart berliner getting ready for the worse.
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>> i'm buying some tasty red. that will be great. i am going to enjoy the end of the world. >> that is not enough for me. if this is my last shopping trip, i am stocking up. unfortunately, the lions did not reveal how the world will end -- massive volcanic explosions or an asteroid strike like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs? -- the my hands -- the mayans did not reveal how the world will end. may be a virus, silent and unstoppable. or may be the sun will just blow up. most people in berlin do not seem to care at all. they are out buying christmas presents as if the world will not be long over by then. does this young woman think these sausages might be her last? she says she does not believe in the end of the world. this woman says the son will keep coming up.
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>> i do not have a problem with it. >> this couple is going to spend their last year rose and see what happens. what if the minds turn out to be right? apparently my chances will be best if i had for the high ground -- what i of the ma -- what if the mayans turn out to be right? it seems i am the only one thinking about this. well, if anyone wants to join me, there is plenty of room. >> one thing we have to say is may be those who are concerned have already left town and other for not able to be asked. >> can you blame them? another foggy, wet day in berlin. i hope the 21st bring some sort of change. sunshine perhaps. put us out of our misery. we will be watching. we will be here for the next 24 hours and let you know what is happening around the world.
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coming up next -- we are going in for a break. we have something coming up. >> talking about germany's high court and a big decision there. stay with us.
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>> thanks for staying with us. >> welcome back. it is the biggest betting scandal in european soccer. a gang operating from berlin paid bribes to influence and dozens of matches. that thought to have netted over 2 million euros in the course of their crime. >> the case is headed back to trial. germany's highest court has overturned parts of the verdict against the ringleader of the group, ruling that some of the charges had not been fully addressed by the lower court. >> he admitted to manipulating more than 20 games across europe. together with a group of accomplices, he plate -- paid cash to players and officials to
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influence the action on a field. he put big bets on those games by bookmakers in asia. the court today confirmed that it was a clear attempt to cheat them out of money. >> the court today made a clear ruling confirming that the manipulation of sporting betts announced -- amounts to fraud. the bookmakers were in effect deceived. >> but the judges also overturned parts of the original verdict. he had already served time in jail for a previous scandal involving a referee. in his second trial, he helped the police investigation. the judges say that was not reflected in the sentence, but he cannot count on a softer sentence when the case goes back on trial. prosecutors will be trying for a longer jail term. europe's biggest betting scandal is far from over. >> let's stay with soccer.
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it has been a relatively easy draw for germany's key teams in the second round of the champions league. let's have a look now at the upcoming matches. >> bayern-munich -- the rounds big matches -- of course when real madrid faces man united. >> down to the last 32 teams, the draw has also been made. here is what awaits the four german sides. >> they take on portugal. >> andbundesliga champions to and have managed to keep alive their hopes by booking a spot in the championship. >> they crowned an amazing year
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with an emphatic 5-1 win over and over. >> the reigning cup champs invested everything they had in the game. after just three minutes, they opened the scoring. the goal left hand over in no doubt who was in command. in the 18th minute, they took the rebound of hanover's keeper. just ahead of the break, dortmund added another goal to their tally. 10 minutes before full time, the consolation goal for hanover, but dortmund was not finished, and the hat trick completed five minutes later. in the final moments, a second chance to make it 5. dortmund is into the winter break with style, with a
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reputation cemented as one of the most talented players. >> barcelona was cut to undergoing surgery for throat cancer a day after announcing he suffered a relapse. >> he says -- barcelona says the 44-it will be hospitalized for about three days in the face of a six weeks of therapy. he was treated for cancer last year and was thought to have fully recovered. the assistant coach will be standing in for the team's next game. >> coming up, 200 years of storytelling by the brothers grimm. >> first, some other stories in the news right now. residents of athens have been battling traffic jams, long commutes. trade and transportation workers have staged a 24-hour strike in the greek capital. strikes have become frequent in greece since public spending has been cut to meet conditions for international bailout funding. >> iraq's president has arrived
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for medical treatment following a stroke. few details have been released about the seriousness of his condition. he is seen as a unifying force in iraq, mediating among sunnis, shia, and kurds. >> protesters in several indian cities are calling for action to stop the increasing number of violent rapes of women, following the rape and beating of a 23-year-old by six men on a bus in new delhi. doctors say the young woman is still in critical condition. >> christmas is, of course, just around the corner, and many retailers have been targeting customers, looking for that last-minute gift. and then there is this -- how about a personal shopper when you are at the airport? >> sounds good. as it turns out in frankfurt, germany, there is one, and he is especially looking to help out an increasing number of travelers from china, who are looking to part with lots of cash. >> he spent years living in china.
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he understands the language as well as the mentality of the chinese. for the past few months, he has been a sales consultant at frankfurt international airport where he assist chinese customers, for example, with the purchase of a camera. few speak english, although this customer is an exception. >> i am a part-time photographer. i use a cannot -- canon and nikon. >> many passengers arrive at the airport several hours before their flights and do a lot of shopping, but they often struggle with the language. his task is to act as an intermediary between shoppers and sales personnel. >> some are very surprised at first. they are not used to a westerner speaking chinese at the airport, but they are delighted.
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many want to browse on their own, first. the chinese have very different taste. >> weather it is luxury goods or everyday products, the chinese are interested in almost everything. they especially like the duty- free stores. this customer says she bought some cosmetics and jewelry. she says everything is much cheaper here. "in my country, things are much more expensive." the chinese would have to pick up to 350% more for these products at home where there is a very high luxury tax. since they live outside the eu, they can receive a refund on the taxes they pay for the products here. >> that is really important because they immediately have more cash to buy presents, and
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it is very important because the chinese are extremely careful with their money. >> around 1 million chinese passengers fly to or from frankfurt each year, and they're spending more and more money here. the airport operator earns a commission on the purchases. >> chinese customers are a growing market. there are more flights to china, and it is a general trend. numbers are still modest at this point, but they continue to grow steadily. >> this afternoon, two a-380 flights are headed to china. he often tells passengers all the way to their gate. some board with a full shopping bags before flying back to their homeland. >> it has been two centuries now that children around the world have been thrilled and terrified by the tales of the grimm brothers. >> the first publishing of the fairy tales included timeless favorites like "little red riding hood, "" rumpelstiltskin
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," and "snow white." >> once upon a time -- almost all children could say what comes next and in most cases, it would be a fairy tale from the brothers grimm. >> sleeping beauty. >> i like puss in boots because he is so cunning in clever. >> at the start of the 19th century, the grimms set about collecting folk tales. they wanted to record in writing the rich germans storytelling tradition, but they did not search -- set out in search of dark forests and enchanted castles in order to hear the horror stories. at their home, they had the tales recounted, often from local women or followers of the german romantic movement. those accounts forms the basis
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for children's and household tales, first published 200 years ago. details of poor prince's, fair maidens, and evil stepmother is have become timeless and universal. they tell of existential needs or subconscious fears, often brutal in their town such as hansel and gravel or the bloody end of the happiest wolfe in little red riding hood. >> i think the balance between fascination and threats is what electrifies people. i think the fairy tales have an inherent that potential where you are expected to feel a shiver up your spine. in no other type of literature is nastiness so present in the form of hacking and chopping as it is in these folk tales. >> the brothers grimm collected tales about -- that are just as
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thrilling today as when they were first published. everyone knows how the story ends. they all lived happily ever after. >> i think it is true. they live happily ever after. do you have a favorite? >> i do. it has to be cinderella. >> i am with you on that. do not forget -- you can find out plenty more about these and other stories on our website, >> thanks for staying with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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